Without oxygen marine life can’t exist.
Our new patented mobile oxygenation technology makes the difference

The product

Our patented product will be a slow speed electric boat of catamaran type, where propulsion is achieved from a combination of the thrust force from an on board wind turbine, solar panels and electric motors (for windless weather and emergency situations).

The electric motors will be connected to a battery pack which is charged during off-time, mainly from the wind turbine and solar panels.

The need of oxygen varies throughout every lake, therefore oxygen concentration will be measured and analysed continuously during operation. Thus the supply of oxygen with our special device Ecotube will take into account the actual situation and thus, this mobile technology is very selective.

The boat will be modular, for quick and easy assemblage, requiring less than one day. Contacts with dockyards for fabrication of the boat are well-established, the wind turbine will be a 3-blade type of common standard and various suppliers of parts and components have been listed.

The first boat will able to be operated by a crew of only one person, but in the longer run we expect the boats to be self-driving.

How certain are you about how well this first electric boat will work with a wind turbine?

Most innovations nowadays are about combining existing technologies in new ways. This is also the case here. Propulsion of a boat utilizing the thrust force from a wind turbine on board has been tested and successfully verified in a project together with Chalmers University of Technology. Catamarans equipped with electric motors, batteries, solar panels etc represent common and well-established technologies today. The oxygen supply device Ecotube, however, is new, but it will be based on micro bubble technologies which are also well-established.

In addition, we are a strong team with considerable experience in developing ideas from initial concept and driving them forward to commercial products.

Marketing & sales

After initial testing and third party verification of results in a lake, most probably in Sweden – we will be ready for the commercial phase with this boat.

Contact has already been made with various Swedish municipalities and there is considerable interest in our new Mobile Oxygenation solution. Finland are in a similar situation to Sweden and there seems to be a strong interest there too.

Apart from direct contacts with customers, we will participate in relevant seminars and exhibitions where we can market our products and spread our message to bring back marine and fresh water life with our Mobile Oxygenation technology. New employees will join our team during the expansion of this business.

Moving from the demonstration phase to the commercial phase normally takes some time?

Sales activities will not start on a full scale before the autumn of 2020, when the Demonstration phase is over. However, preparation for the commercial phase will continue, with further customer contacts etc.

Business model

Our business model will have a completely environmentally friendly profile using wind and the sun as renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources.

Furthermore the business model will be very flexible, from firm and fixed price contracts to agreements based on daily fees for rental of our boats. Some customers would

probably be interested in leasing arrangements. Expansion of the fleet will be a delicate problem to solve.

A typical contract for treating a Swedish lake used as a drinking water source is expected to be approximately 0.5-2 MSEK.

Once the contract commitments are completed, what happens next? Do you need to return to the lake to prevent the problem from returning?

First of all we will need to make several laps over the same area, this will be included in our initial contract. Secondly, when marine and fresh water life has returned it will establish a new steady-state situation, so it will not go back to pre-conditions so easily as long as external environmental pressures are controlled.

Financial forecast

SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis in short:
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  • Very experienced team with several successful contracts and projects behind us
  • New technically advanced products have been developed from idea to commercial phase and sold in the international market
  • Considerable experience of various technical system solutions
  • Groundbreaking project together with Chalmers University of Technology regarding utilization of wind turbines for propulsion of large ships


  • Competence within marine and fresh water biology/oceanography needed


  • Giant global market
  • Several spin-off products, electrification of the marine sector has just taken-off


  • Time, important to reach the commercial stage soon
  • Capital requirements for further expansion
  • Manpower, challenging to recruit the right staff

The Team

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